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We Offers You Quantity Surveying (Q.S) Service

We provide a wide range of services as Quantity Surveyors, Construction Cost Consultants, Employers agent and Construction Managers. The company was established in 1983 under the name of "Q. S. Consultants (Quantity Surveyors, Construction Cost Consultants and Construction Managers)".

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  • Quality

    Bunyad can help you achieve your quality objectives by keeping your projects on time and within budget while balancing suggested project scope.

  • Professional Services

    Wheather you are searching for consultants, hands-on project management, programme oversight or staff training, Bunyad is an indispensable resource.

  • Time & Cost Saving

    Bunyad can help yousave time and money on practically any programme or project you undertake. With our insight into project management application, oversight and administration, Q. S. Consultants is uniquely qualified to help meet your goals.


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