What Client Say's

We are satisfied with the quality of work and technical approach of Syed Bunyad and are pleased to recommend his services to anyone required for some. (2003)
Syed Anwer Ali Shamsi
(Principal Architect) Shamsi Engineering Consultants

Quantity surveyors play a very vital role in success of any construction project, as they deal with the most important aspect "the cost control", from initial project planning estimate to the final accounts. In Pakistan however, this role is being considered as subservient to the Consultant Engineers or the Architects and there is an imminent need to recognize this as a special field. Bunyad took a bold step to run his own independent practice to provide solely Quantity Surveying and Cost Control Services and has been very successful in doing this. His clients are very satisfied with his professional skills and post contract services, as he would always be ready to serve his clients even beyond the scope of his agreements. (2008)
Arch. Javed Iqbal
(Sr. Executive Architect) Dongegal County Council, Dounty Donegal, Republic of Ireland.

I personally know Mr. Syed Hasan Bunyad Since 1982. It is untiring efforts of Mr. Bunyad the profession of Q. S. Consultancy is now recognized both by practicing of Consultants & in the Construction industries. The Cost Controls, Cost variations & standardization is introduced by Mr. Bunyad is now acknowledged by the professionals in this field. I believe Mr. Bunyad's intelligence & hard work would further promote this concept in Pakistan, which is a valuable service to professionals in the country. (2008)
Engr. N.H. Najmi
(Managing Director) Abaseen Construction Co. (Pvt) Ltd.

Mr. Bunyad is not only highly competent with his work; he is meticulously through and studiously methodical, conveying a feeling of reassurance and comfort. He will gladly go the extra mile to make up for the lapses of others and frequently goes beyond his agreed scope of services. In all his dealings he is businesslike but flexible, going out of his way to tie up loose ends, always available for a follow-up or clarification, happily remaining engaged with his work even years after completing and handing over. In this challenging field of quantities, market prices, value engineering and estimation that can financially make or break a project, I believe Syed Hasan Bunyad has proven to be one of the best. (2008)
Arch. Mukhtar Husain
(Managing Director) FNMH Architecture

Cost Engineering is an integral part of overall project management discipline. Practically financial performance of a project is dependant on the basic estimates of the cost of resources needed for a project from conceptual stage to the implementation stage. M/s. Q.S. Consultants are working on mega projects with the world class project managers and have thus been recognized as Specialty Consultants in this unique discipline not only in Pakistan but outside Pakistan too. This discipline has a great future in Pakistan. Efforts of Q.S. Consultants are commendable in pioneering the entrepreneurship in this special field. (2008)
Engr. Rehan-Ul-Ambia Riaz
(Managing Director) FTC management Company (Pvt) Ltd

I personally know syed Hasan Bunyad for last ten years and we are satisfied with the quality and efficiency of their organization and not hesitate to recommend their services to any one requiring the same. (1998)
Arch. S. Zia Askari Naqvi
(Partner Architect) Naqvi & Siddiquie Associates

We have found Mr. S.H. Bunyad and his staff members a competent and dedicated professional. (1998)
Engr. M. Siddiq Essa
(Managing Director) Alliance Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.

We have found their way of working very good as well as the promptness and the accuracy of the result. We recommend them for any work of this nature. (1998)
Engr. Abdul Razzak Rehmatullah
(Managing Director) Abdul Razzak Associates (Pvt) Ltd.

We are more than satisfied with the quality and efficiency of their organization and would not hesitate to recommend their services to any one requiring their professional input, their services to any one requiring their professional input and their services. (1989)
Khawar Ghani
(Chartered Architect) Ghani Ansari Partnership

Q. S. Consultants can be considered as pioneers in their field and they continue to maintain high standards of professional performance and carry out their work with honesty and integrity. (2009)
Engr. Abdul Razzak Rehmatullah
(Managing Director) Abdul Razzak Associates (Pvt) Ltd.

I greatly appreciate the performance and efforts of the form for maintaining high standard of professionalism, integrity and dedicated services to its clients. (1995)
Engr. Zubair Ibrahim
(Director) Alliance Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.